Being a tourist at Home: Cannes, Nice, Monaco

IMG_0139 copy

IMG_0329 copy  IMG_0159 copy IMG_0176 copy IMG_0184 copy IMG_0205 copy IMG_0208 copy IMG_0245 copy IMG_0259 copy IMG_0264 copy IMG_0296 copy IMG_0328 copy IMG_0330 copyI spent the first few days of 2015 with one of my friends, who actually came down to my place to spend New Year with us, so for few days, I was on Holidays at home. We went to places that we do not actually bother go when it is only the both of us, because “this is for tourists”. Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Villefranche sur Mer, who knew being a tourist at home would be so fun?

Ps: I loved taking this picture of my friends with the sea foam reflecting on her glasses. Definitely one of my favourites.



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