The Hair Savior: Macadamia Oil

IMG_0396 copyYou probably have heard of Macadamia Oil based hair products before. You probably have tried some and loved the effect on dull hair. You probably have found those products to be quite expensive, but still as they are working wonders you keep thinking they are the best. Hair products is not something I like to be fussy about, the most basic the shampoo, the better. When I mean basic, I mean sulfate free, paraben free and also silicon free, but when it comes to conditioning, I enjoy making oil masks left overnight before shampoo. Some of the oil I have been using in the past is Argan Oil, that I gave up because of the smell, way too strong, and coconut oil, which works wonders but you need to have enough time to rince it off as it does not rince off easily (2 shampoos minimun are required for me).

I started using simple Macadamia Oil, after hearing people raving about the macadamia oil based expensive hair products, and I thought, maybe it is worth trying and it can work just as well! I have never tried those products so I am not even going to attempt a comparison, all that I can say is that My hair loves it!

Put some of the oil on the tips and leave for half an hour to an entire night, then rince it off in the morning. You hair will thank you, and the best thing about it is how simple it is, and cheap yet very effective.

I have found this Fushi Macadamia Oil on for under 10 euros… which is a bargain if you ask me!



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