My Unique Goal for 2015

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Being already halfway through January maybe this post has been written too late. Or maybe I needed time to actually coming up with this, because it is not just another one of those resolutions I am not going to keep.

One of my best friend who is living now very far away, and that I did not see for almost a year, came down to my flat and as she saw my dressing table, she told me immediately: you have a lot of makeup, don’t buy more, use up the things you have. that is actually true. I do not own a lot of make-up, but it is a lot in the sense that I don’t even use everything

Being sometimes too much on this internet world, I forget not everyone has a ton of makeup products and it is maybe better.

Earlier last year, I already looked into ways of buying less beauty products which is actually very effective, but more than just not buying anymore it is about declutter, and not just the make-up products.

Minimalism is always something that interested me, in other words, cutting down the amount of things you own but don’t use. ‘The art of simplicity’ by Dominique Loreau is a book about minimalism that has really been helpful.

I am not saying it is going to be a radical change and I am going to become another person just by setting myself this goal, but I want to try and cut down, declutter, to be able to make room for the things/ the moments/ the people/happiness that are actually very important to me, more than solely relying on Materialism to fulfill myself.

That being said, a effort will be made to use the things I already own, sorting out my wardrobe to keep only the things I wear regularily and that fit well, and cut down on the things I think I need, but I don’t really need.

I hope this made sense,

What are your resolutions ?



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