48 Hours away: Venice Dream

Venice, Venise or even Venezia… It was a short but rather sweet week-end away. We took an unlimited water bus pass for a day, walk our way from San Marco Plaza to the Accademia old towns with old books shops and Pizza (I wish I ate more aha).

20141206-IMG_9617 copy

20141205-IMG_9453 copy 20141206-IMG_9500 copy 20141206-IMG_9518 copy 20141206-IMG_9523 copy 20141206-IMG_9531 copy 20141206-IMG_9540 copy 20141206-IMG_9550 copy 20141206-IMG_9552 copy 20141206-IMG_9558 copy 20141206-IMG_9563 copy 20141206-IMG_9569 copy 20141206-IMG_9570 copy 20141206-IMG_9591 copy  20141206-IMG_9629 copy 20141206-IMG_9632 copy 20141206-IMG_9645 copy 20141206-IMG_9648 copy 20141205-IMG_9455 copy 20141205-IMG_9460 copy

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