The Brown Liners.


As promised in my first blogpost about blue liners, here are the list of my favourites brown liners. Now, Brown liners are a great way to add definition without darken your features too much, I personally think so anyway.

The following selection is based on three matte ones, three shimmery options and a gel liner.

Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof khol kajal in Bronze is a good budget option for an everyday brown liner. This liner is brightening yet define your eyes in a very subble way when smudged out. Not the most long lasting of the one I own, but this is a cheap and cheerful option to more high-end alternatives.

We all love a bit of Mac cosmetics, especially in duty free. That is where I picked out this one, Mac Khol Liner in Teddy, it is a gorgeous dark brown with the slightest shimmer to it. It is a long-lasting and relatively easy to accessible option. I like it.

Well this next one is my all time favourite eyeliner, the Urban Decay 24/7 in Underground. This could be considered as a purple, but I consider it as a shimmer medium taupy brown with purple undertone (yes, just that ! ). It is brightening and long lasting. The colour is also very unique. It is getting smaller by the days… The only weird thing is that this shade does not seem to be available in Sephora in France which sucks aha. Hope it did not get discountinued… That would be sad (First world problem aha)

This brown gel liner from Maybelline is also a product I have never seen in the french shop shelves yet it is one of my favourite. Don’t tell me you did not know France is very late when it comes to cosmetics… come on! I am actually very impressed as I got this for my Halloween 2012 costume and it is still not dryed out. I know you are not probably supposed to keep your make-up for that long, but I dont use it everyday anyway.

Nars Via de Martelli was, I believe, limited edition, but a shimmery version of it is available all the time. Now you know if you have been reading some of my articles, I adore Nars products. I do use their concealer and bronzer on a daily basis but for some reason I have a love/hate relationship with this pencil. Some time I use it and I love it, and sometimes I am just thinking that I wasted my money. First those 6g of product costs a lot more than Urban Decay or Mac Cosmetics which would be fine if the product was more long-lasting or spread more easily, but I find this pencil quite dry and hard to apply. Maybe I got a dodgy one. I really don’t know. I love so many of their products and I really wanted to like this one as much as the rest.

A cheaper and fantastic alternative to the last pencil is the Soap and Glory Smoulder Khol Waterproof Liner. The longest-lasting one I have seen in the drugstore so far. got it for 5 pounds on 3 for 2… I am far from complaining. As always with Soap and Glory makeup products, they are hard to find outside of the UK’s Boots stores. They are just worth every penny you will get them for!!!

The last but in the no way the least is Charlotte Tilbury Rock’n’Khol in Barbella Brown. I have raved enough about this. used on a daily basis. Getting smaller by the days and might have to go on to get a new one.. and a purple one too and maybe a nude one too. damnnn.

If you have any good one to recommand don’t hesitate to pop them down bellow ( it would be actually much appreciated though I probably have enough of them for the next decade)



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