Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty Inside and Out by Jolene Hart: A review

I am sure you all know this saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well in this particular case, you may! In fact, I picked it up in an English Urban Outfitters this summer and I have been obsessed with it ever since.


I am not one to buy nutrition books, simply because a close member of my family has been in this field for years, I am not one to try risky and trendy diet just for the hell of it. I Bought this book because of the promise of an healthier lifestyle, not a massive weightloss or anything like it. I bought this book because it claims to get to healthier and prettier thanks to what’s on your plate, on a long-term process.

Because that is true, you are what you eat. Getting “older” (I am 24.) means I see that I cannot eat as much I use to, my body definitely does not react how it used to. ( Well three years of living in England with a not-so-healthy lifestyle leave their marks) I did not want something brutal but a rather healthier lifestyle that could help my body balancing itself out on its own.

I like this book for many reasons other than the pretty cover. It basically explain you which vegetables and fruits to pick (depending on the season, the effect you want to see on your body and skin on the long run), also explains the why and the pitfalls of nutrition, in a sense you would not have thought about. Honestly, It is problably the best 11 pounds I have ever spent!

I really like the underlining message that no pills or no miracle-worker of a skincare products are going to help you, if you don’t help yourself with the food you eat first. I do believe that there are great things in Nature that can help regardless of the skincare products or food supplement you may have in your life.

Go try it, before this is worth it.*


* from me to you, I am not sponsored by any means, I have just found this book very useful.


L x

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