Spending Money Wisely on Make-Up / Beauty Products

Looking at my recent make-up purchases, I definitely see a change in the way I was spending. If you are reading, you are probably likely to be a follower of a beauty community though blogs or even youtube. It is definitely very easy to spend a fortune on beauty products just following the hype surrounding them. Here are my tips to spend more wisely, because you know, saving money is always good!

– If you are the kind who enjoys trying new products – A beauty box might be the way to go with a bunch of products to try each months you wouldn’t have necessarily picked up otherwise; but of course before subscribing, make your research on past months’ content of the said box (if it has bad review online or the products of the past boxes don’t necessarily appeal to your taste: drop the idea) and also set a reminder to check whether you want to carry on with after the first month (and the process/deadline of cancellation for the following month… Just in case you change your mind).

– Your favorite youtuber mentioned this brand new eye shadow palette, and she said you need this in your life – I mean do you really need it? Need and Want are two different worlds apart from each other. Unfortunately nowadays youtube and some blogs turned into a big Marketing trap. Because one youtuber shows a different palette every single week, does not mean you need it. Chances are they did not even consider getting it before they did. After I agree on the fact, that every one live the life they want and spend the money they earn also the way they want, but before being this hot new eyeshadow palette ask yourself if you are similar shades, and most importantly, does this purchase is going to make a difference in my daily routine. Ask yourself that in two months time, when the hype is gone to another hot launch, will I still enjoy using it, or will It be sitting in a corner waiting to get the new hyped one?

– As you can see from my blue liners post, my taste is makeup is quite predictable, I will happily have the same colour something in several brand offerings. I am not even going to show you my nail polish collection because it is ridiculous –Yes Lauren, You can have enough baby pink polishes; no need to buy more… ever. You get the drill, too many of the same kind of products is ridiculous because they wont get used. It does link to my several tip: if you have a similar product you are happy about, think twice before getting it. (I shall remember this one.)

Invest in products that are durable: Primers, Good and durable Brushes and as well as a few Multipurpose products. If you have a good base for your makeup, it will last longer. Especially if you work long hours, wasting time in touching up your make-up is non sense. Invest in good primers for your eyes (if you are an eyeshadow daily wearer), your lips (if you like bold lipsticks and face one. Choose a formulation that suits your skin sensitivity and targeted problems you want to solve. Avoid silicone one for your face if over-sensitive. I don’t use one cause I do not wear liquid foundation but if you do, you might want it to last longer by adding a specific primer (Comment for an article on how to choose your make-up Primers).

Durable brushes are a must, a good brush can actually help your make-up apply more evenly, and last longer. It is worth the investment: some of the brushes I own (from realtechniques or Sephora) I had for 4 to 5 years and still look brand new. Wash them regularly with the most basic shampoo/baby shampoo/non drying soap and you are good to go.

The last but not the least, multipurpose products are a must to be saving some money, but still look polished:

Choose one foundation or two: all you really need is a natural coverage foundation for the day time, I personally chose the new Chanel Powder foundation as powder foundation can also be used as setting powders. If you find the Chanel one too expensive, you will be able to find more affordable ones on the market, but this one is just a beauty! This is actually the only foundation I own at the moment, and that is enough for me, however you can add a more fancy fuller coverage foundation for going-out purposes or special events.

A good bronzer is a must, and has to be picked in accordance to your skin undertones. Bronzers can also be used as eyeshadow and to darken-up a foundation that is too light in summer for example. I mentioned my favourite one here if you want to check it out.  Here are only some example I had on the top of my mind; leave a comment below with your favourite multipurpose products/ beauty hacks if you fancy !

When buying such things as foundations or skincare products: Ask for sample. Because my skin is so sensitive, I usually stick to products I know will suit me or I ask for two or three-day worth of samples. See what you think of it before investing. Yes, I consider a new beauty purchase as an investment because it is not something you are supposed to stop using after a day, it is an investment for your skin that can last from a month to a year for some foundation bottles.

Don’t get carried away by sales assistant: learn to say “No” when you don’t want something regardless of the pressure you might feel from them. At the end of the day, their job has to do with you spending money in their store. Stay polite, but strict.

Research online before buying, but remember that we all have different taste. The best way is still to make an opinion for yourself, swatch or use a sample.

Most importantly, Set yourself a Budget. Treat yourself but in the limit of what you can afford. There is no point not being able to eat properly to be able to buy a 50€ face mask. Set yourself priorities.

I wish I was following my own advice all the time, but as always I am definitely trying!

Hope you find it useful,

L x

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