The Instagram Catch-up #1

This is a catch up on my instagram post of october. Please bare in mind That I was fortunate enough to found a job in Monaco, which means we spend most of our Time around There.


Last week, a huge storm took over. Here is the only pic i could take without being completely wet. I Still was though!


Bengali used to be a stray cat. None of us were able to even come close to him. I think he likes me now 🙂

IMG_8769.JPG<br /

We were fortunate enough to be invited in the Café de Paris on the Place du Casino for Halloween.. Totally unexpected. And we took the pasta bolognese.. Tasty and cheaper alternative.


Rose flavoured macarons are just my thing. The best pick me up on a hard work day!


The sunset from the train back to France (@ Villefranche sur mer)


The rooftop of the star ´n’bar is one of the nicest place to have a drink around Monaco … Especially when the fair is on . All of them beautiful lights!

Hope you enjoyed it!

L x

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