The Blue liners.


Have you ever notice how black liner can make your face look more tired when you already are. Maybe black liner suits you well no matter how pale you get in winter and that’s great for you! However, I have very dark features, and in winter when my face gets paler, I tend to find black liner to harsh… The solution I found to still be able to line my eyes is using brown and also, a bit more daring, blue liners. Here is a roundup of the one I have been liking -there’s one for every budget- :

– The Charlotte Tilbury Rock n Kohl in Marlene Midnight: this one my boyfriend brought it for me in Selfridges in London. It is hard to get hold of if you are not from the UK, it is on the net a porter website also, but the delivery cost puts me off though their delivery service is amazing… Anyway, this is a gorgeous matte dark navy colour that complement every eye colours under the sun. If you can, try it! The formula lasts very well as well even on the waterline.

– The Rimmel Soft Kohl in 21 Denim Blue: Maybe the least creamy and least long lasting out of the one I’ll be talking about today but I like as it is affordable and readily available in the drugstore. It does the job, the colour is nice!

– The next one in the line up is Boujois “effet smoky” liner in New wave blue : not a navy blue liner but such a gorgeous colour, lasts all day on the eye lids and it is so flattering. You get the liner on one side and a brush on the other to smoke it out.

The last one is Bobby brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in Black Navy : very similar to the Charlotte tilbury one but not readily available. Very creamy, maybe a bit darker but still has a brightening effect whist defining the eyes. Love them all!

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