The 1,89 Euros Manicure Wonder Tool !!!


The first thing you need to know, I don’t know anything about professional nail manucure, I just share what works for me.
Until recently I was cutting my nails with a nail clipper thingy, and my nails were very weak.
Tried Essie grow stronger, Enjoyed it, finished it. Then tried OPI nail envy basecoat, enjoyed it but then eventually forgot about it.
I am not one to get my nails done, I don’t like to be dependent on a beautician, but then again I want my nails to look decent, with the least faff possible.
Mission impossible you will tell me, well I am not so sure about it.
Found this nail file in my supermarket, from a brand you surely know about if you are interested in Beauty, You know, Essence, that East European brand that does very good quality beauty stuff for cheap, I mean cheap.
They recently arrived in french supermarket, so of course I took the opportunity to check them out, as you do, got an clear eye brow gel, a brush I found is a very good dupe for my favorite Nars Blush in Gina, a lip pencil I like but I am not crazy about and this nail file, that probably changed the state of my nails… Once again, I mean it. I mean it so much I went to buy another one, just incase I lost this one (and that will potentially look better in photo for this present article).

oh gosh, I am rambling. let get into the business,

This nail file comes in a handy plastic wallet, perfect to keep in your purse or anywhere else you might need it to be. It has 4 different texture to it, one side to shorten, one to shape, one to smooth and one to polish.



This is handy, easy to use, genius packaging (especially for this price point) and Hello, my nails are not splitting anymore (Filling versus Cutting might be the reason for this thought not necessarily the product in itself)

Another note on Homemade Manicure: Try to sunk your nails into olive oil 10 minutes a week, wash your hand until there’s no residue left, then apply nail polish… your cuticles will thank me later 🙂 !!!

On my nails : Linkin park after dark by OPI

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