A Day in a Fairytale: Disneyland Paris Dream

We are walking on Memory lane today on Lycheeb.com, I have been looking at those pictures that I was meant to post ages ago… Because this trip was magical, as always. We went in March, had a couple of days in Paris and 2 days in Disneyland Paris. We went for the DIsney Dream Show I think it is called, fireworks, lights and fairytales. It did tear me up a little bit (don’t quote me on that lol). Hope you will enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them and looking at them.


Lauren x

aaaDSC00251lbcopy aaaDSC00247lbcopy aaaDSC00217lbcopy aaaDSC00211lb copy aaaDSC00207lb copy aaaDSC00205lbcopy aaaDSC00183lbcopy aaaDSC00184lbcopy aaaDSC00185lbcopy aaaDSC00165lbcopy aaaDSC00173lbcopy aaaDSC00179lbcopy aaaDSC00199lbcopy aaaDSC00192lbcopy aaaDSC00141lbcopy



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