Unlike anything I have seen before : Sony DSC QX100 Zeiss smartphone lens

A high quality camera lens  you connect to your smartphone… A strange concept, not that strange actually. Being able to share your high quality pictures straight from your smartphone is a new and rather grown breaking concept. I’ve heard of those camera that connect to WiFi like a phone but is not one, I was not sold on that concept, this lens however, from the moment I saw it I knew, this could potentially take over my old SLR camera, with added practicality.

I bought it on a whim in March and only now I feel like I am able to give an in depth review. It was a hit or miss, the reviews and the concept sounded very cool: a lens, sensor, and processor that was meant to be used with a smartphone for user interface, would it be good quality though that I did not know. I paid around 369,90 euros for it but if the reviews were right, 20,2 MP, Zeiss vario sonnar f1.8 lens, HD camera, and the ability to fully play with the settings like you would using a SLR, all of that in a compact lens attachable to any smartphone or tablets with the PlayMemory Mobile app, well this would have been a bargain.

The 3,6x Zoom is not as power full as the DSC QX10 – the cheaper version of the one I own, the quality of the images is a lot better (thanks to a more powerful lens Zeiss branded). Also the fact that you cannot take photos in RAW format could have been a problem for photograph enthusiast yet I don’t think it is a problem as you are meant to use it to share it with the smartphone, the RAW format would be too powerful and room consuming.

The box it came in was rather small and round, inside was the lens, a micro SD cable to plug it and charge it, a wrist strap and an instruction manual with a wifi code that can be used to connect to any electronic devices as long as the app is installed.






After going to Paris with it ( a blog post is coming soon), I can say how breathtaking the quality of the photos are, but it definitely take some time to get used to the app interface ( that used to be very slow) and playing around with setting to maximise the quality of the picture, focusing takes also a while to get use to. But the photos are stunning! even in the night time settings, the flash is unnecessary the lens is very powerful and I could even take a photo of a starry night without difficulty. I do not regret any of the euros I have spent in this camera as now follow me in most of my trips and replaced my bulky SLR that was giving me back pain.


You will definitely get stopped by people because of the innovative concept of this camera, and even if this concept may appear scary, or even odd, this is a winner!!!

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