A new chapter and some beauty favourites.


hi guys,

Since I came back from studying in England, my life changed quite a bit. Hence the last of blogposts… I am thankful for everything, the good and the bad of the situation. As I changed country, I have also changed my habits as I will explain later and my everyday beauty favourites.

Moving back to the south of france first implied a change of temperature. Yes, my luggages were full of jumpers that I am not sure I will have the opportunity to wear here.. not that I complain at all aha. My skins is not as dry as it used to be in England and my make up is a lot lighter. In deed, the sun does everything here, my skin is prettier and in a more cultural basis, we don’t wear make up as much as English girls tend to.

After leaving England, I am certainly not used to these cultural differences as for me living in England meant that i could wear pretty much what i wanted and put as much make up on as i wish without people paying too much attention to it. I found English people more open minded in a way.

My wardrose have changed from student life – doesn’t matter what I wear during the day and dress up for night outs – to every day formal work outfits.. a new chapter begins for me.

I could have written this article sooner, but i guess it took time for me adjust, feel like I am home again and even get my room sorted has been a month long trouble because i have been busy.

When it comes to make up this month, I relied on pallettes that are easy to carry in the train – place where I do my make up when running out of time – I love this Nars eyes and cheeks palette in at first sight. Coming back to france also implied that Monoprix and Sephora were the only two places where make up is sold on counters.. and kiko.. how can I forgot the latter.. I found this Bourjois Round pot Blush in Sienne that is a bit darker then MAC Melba and also not as pink tonned.. well let me tell you that I love it. It’s work appropriate and easy to throw in my bag ! What else..hum? Sephora got a 25% off offer for a week this week so I picked up a Nars eyeshadow duo in KALAHARI which I am obsessed with and the NAKED basic palette as I am going on holidays next month and this will be very handy. 

I have really been focusing on work this month, which is really weird as I used to be surrounded by my uni friends.

Oh yes, I almost forgot ! I won a photography contest on Instagram and received 45 L’occitane Hand creams.. I am not allowed to get dry hands ever again.. follow me on instagram @laurenfer14 if you are interested to see the picture.




L x


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