Sea salt sprays: if you had to choose one..


The Bumble and bumble surf spray is a very hyped product on the Internet… Well of course I wanted to try it. I’m not a massive hair girl as my hair are naturally thick and long.. I mean.. I don’t complain. I like my hair a lot. I usually just stick to using natural oil and that’s it. I like the natural wave of my hair but still the promise of having beachy hair without leaving my house was very tempting.

Both of those products are samples as you may be able to tell so the comparison will be made on the full size product prize! Let’s go:

The odour
The odour of the T&G one is much better in my opinion the B&B one is sooo chimical. In contrast, the odour of the T&G one is very Nice and girly.. I would go even further.. That’s the reason I want to spray it in my hair.

The price
The full size of the the bumble and bumble surf spray contains 125 ml and costs £21,50 or 27 euros. That’s expensive, yet it is a best selling product.
On the other hand, the toni and guy casual sea salt texturising spray retails for £7,19 for 200 ml of product. Yes, that’s a big difference!

The effect on the hair
I clearly prefer the effect of the Toni and guy one, as I found the surf spray way too drying on my ends and too greasy on my scalp which makes me want to wash my hair…

So.. Which one wins ?
It’s so obvious it might sound like I was sponsored to say that, but I am not. I remember paying £9 in boots for a very small bottle of the bumble and bumble surf spray thinking it is going to be awesome and being disappointed on the effects straight away. Well when I received a Toni and guy casual: sea salt texturising spray with a magazine I paid 3 euros, and I don’t regret it at all. If you had to choose one, I would advise you to choose the Toni and guy one. You won’t regret it.

Have a good day,
L. X


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