DIYSaturday | a second youth for your nailpolishes

I was not planning on posting today as I am writing my dissertation full time.. In theory.. Well hello there people of the internet!

I am moving out soon so I am on the hunt for everything useless or too old to give away to charity or if it is really too old.. Well it is going to be tucked in the good old bin .. Hell yeah.

I found of my oldest (and only?) nail polish that I own, tried to paint my nails and oh my, it was too thick. I think it got as I used it quite a lot and got it almost a year ago.

I am not going to lie I was about to throw it away (I know my life is faaaascinating… Well yeah it is not!) when I remembered a trick from somewhere: putting a drop of nail polish remover helps getting ride of the thickness and make the consistency of nail polish like new !

I decided to pain my nails to check.. It’s all fine ! I’m happy to have a old/ new nail polish that I can use again.. Because yes, this one I like a lot (Essie Not just a pretty face)

I know it is quite a simple DIY but I do my best to follow my schedule even though my uni deadline is close!

Keep safe




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