EarthFriday I Back To School Eco friendly furniture shopping


This article is made in collaboration with Earthadvise, a French blog that you can read here.

Time for furniture shopping, time to go back to school… Well only if you were lucky enough to get summer holidays this year aha.

Furniture shopping is most fun part of going back to school. I used to love it back when I was in high school.  The challenge for this year will be to shop for health and environmentally friendly school supplies.

Here are some tips :

first of all, glues can contain contain nasty solvents that are toxic for us and for the ozone layer. Consider choosing a starch-based glue that is washable with water.

When it comes to  highlighters,  that are usually disposable and full of chemical and toxic components, prefer a water based refillable one to avoid unnecessary waste of materials.

In the same fashion, choose water based felt tip pens that are made of food colours.

Try to choose refillable pens made of polypropylene (recyclable material).

And last but not least, instead of buying notebook made of paper that requires a lot of water, wood, energy and toxic chemicals, choose a notebook made of recycled cellulose fibres.

To keep it short:

1 _ Choose water-based writing supply

2 _ Keep it refillable and made of polypropylene (recyclable material)

3 _ Prioritize natural fibres for notebook



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