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I recently read a book about Mindfulness and I was quite interested to learn about the subject. so here are some of the ideas that I have found in the book and that are valuable:

Mindfulness means first and foremost paying attention. Paying attention is something we do less as our society is asking us to multi-task more regularly. (see last week article here )

In order to live fully, it is important to break free from the stereotypes we have about ourselves, let yourself be who you desire to become and say YES to new experiences… nothing ground breaking for some but for sure it is not always put into practice.

taking of the future starts by taking care of the present and live. don’t wait for something to happen… if anything, make it happen instead!

Do things with your heart and be authentic… sounds boring but gosh it is IMPORTANT!

General Acceptance is in itself a huge step to take… too often we refuse to see people or things the way they really are in contrast with the way we want them to be.

Learn to let go of things that does not make you happy and treat yourself with respect. life is too short to be stuck on purpose in something that make you uneasy.


and last but not least, being perfect in an imperfect world is impossible.. so give people as well as yourself some slack: you probably deserve it.

Love ! x

Based on Coming to our senses: healing yourself through Mindfulness by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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