EarthFriday I A tale of sustainable development

Sustainable development. A word that sometimes freaks me out. That’s the reason why I tried to get to know more about it. My sister owns a blog on that subject,, but well it is in French. I want to understand what sustainable development stands for, because well I don’t want to die being an idiot. Protecting the planet is everybody’s business isn’t it, on paper it is. It is first and foremost the case of bringing people up to the acknowledgment that some simple actions can actually make the difference. Most of the time, people lazyness comes from the fact that they don’t thing that their actions have so much of a consequence on the state of the planet. Not throwing trash on the ground, recycling, watching our water and electricity consumption or even buying local are one of the small steps we can take easily and that in the long run would make the difference. Also don’t leave your electronic devices on standby as well as unplugging the charger once it is charged is really important.

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