LifestyleMonday l the joy of quiet

smartphones, emails, social media, family, work, responsibillities… sometimes I feel like I need a break. But let’s be real, in the society where being wired is a must… well sometimes we need to go back to basics.


And enjoy the silence.

relaxing, even 5 minutes help your mind wandering and process the events properly. we all have had this experience of an event that had a different clutter once we sat down and thought about it.

According to a study made recently, constant noise damages us physically (our inner ears to start with) and your mind. So turn down the volume and enjoy the silence.

FInd a slot that works for you, during your day, to take a silence break. Even if this moment lasts only 5 minutes. This is five minutes of pure peace. Five minutes for you and your own well-being.

Enjoy a bit of peace.


Based on the joy of quiet by Radhika Holmström



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