EarthFirday l Introduction to Sustainable development

I am far from being knowledgeable when it comes to sustainable development. I really wish I was because it is really important for the future of our planet so I asked my sister about it because she is into that kind of stuff. That is why the topic of the friday article willl be about earth and simple actions that can help protect the planet. One step at a time.

How to make organic Toothpowder :

In a sealable contrainer, mix 20g of superfine white clay, 5g of fine sea salt, 20g of baking soda and a little bit of fennel powder. the latter is just used to give flavor to the mixture so feel free to change it for mint powder or Indian spices. Adding water to the mix makes it a paste that you can use to brush your teeth. This mixture can be used for months as long as you keep it sealed after use.


This article was made in collaboration with a french website called earthadvise on Sustainable development, check this blog out at

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