BeautyTuesday I Summer Lips


Hello there Gorgeous,

Here is a selection of my favorites summer lip products:

1. Bourjois Color boost glossy finish lipstick in 01 Red Sunrise : a pop of red on the lips, very moisturising and glossy. Long lasting, perfect for summer as it has an Spf of 15 and so confortable that I sometimes forget that I am wearing red lipstick.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine in 17 in rose in tension: this berry lipstick i bought in March and wore everyday that same month is probably one of my favorite lipstick. The watermelon smell, the creamy texture and the light stain that stays on the lips as it wears is just gorgeous. The only downfall, well, the price tag.

3. Soap and Glory sexy motherpucker gloss stick in Nudist: perfect drugstore nude and everyday lip color. Longwearing, yummy smell and easy application are its best features.

4. L’oréal Glam Shine Stain Splash in 101 lolita: this is THE gloss I always have in my bag. Its watery yet glossy and longwearing consistency is unique and that colour is perfect for everyday.

5. Soap and Glossy Lip stick in Man Trap: this lipstick would be a good alternative to the YSL lipstick I described earlier. The colour are almost the same eventhough the YSL’s texture feels more luxurious, the soap and glossy one costs half the price. The smell is as yummy as the nudist gloss stick and it is mate. Love this one!

6. MAC cremesheen lipstick in Crosswires: the latest addition of my MAC lipsticks. it has a beautiful colour and stains the lips beautifully as it wears off.

7. Last but not least, Benefit PocketPal Benetint + lipgloss: i was on the hunt to try benetint but the full size product was just too expensive and i could not justify putting that much money on a lip product I didn’t know whether I would like it. this format is a good alternative as you get a clear gloss and it is easier to carry around. The stains for summer are an easy way to bring a bit colour on your lips without the heaviness of a full on lipstick. When I put it own, it smells like rose and tickle a little bit: Beware if you have sensitive skin, benefit contains rose water which is irritating so try it own before buying it if you can!!!

Have a good day,



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