3 A’s of Awesome

I’ve always thought that Travelling was about discovering places, yet after a while most places look the same. What if travelling was about meeting new people and change the way you perceive yourself and your surrounding?

Two years ago I first moved to England for my exchange semester and I’ve found myself in a pretty hard situation where I was away from home for 6 months for the first time and I felt pretty bad. I became insomniac and I was hardly eating. And then, at some point I’ve discovered this video and it changed my life. I wanted to talk about it on my blog just because I hope that it can help other people.

In that video, Neil Pasricha, author of the inspirational blog 1000awesomethings.com, explains his 3 a’s of Awesome:

Attitude: Nothing ever goes like planned, yet staying positive make a huge difference. Grieve and move on: make baby steps into the future.

Awareness: Look at the world like it was the first time. Thats called sensitive awareness, there are so many awesome things to appreciate !!!! as Neil says: That’s about embrassing your 3-year old.

And to finish:

Authenticity: Be yourself and be cool with that. Follow your heart. “You’ll never be as young as you are now”

These are the principles I try to live by, i am not saying it’s a success everyday but those have made a massive difference in the way I’m living my life. Thank you Neil Pasricha.


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