Back To School: 8 Time Management tips !

Hey guys,

I found some pretty cool Time Management tips. Yeah ok, I know thats kinda boring but the way I see it is if you do the things you have to do more efficiently, you have more time to spend on things you enjoy doing and that make you happy!

1. Identify which tasks are the most time-consuming

so far, so good, then

2. Make a to-do list with your objectives. Well before doing so, you have to make sure to order your goals by order of importance AND set DEADLINES to reduce procrastination!

3. Plan your organizer with scrutiny: let’s say you are more effective between 9 and 11:30 am, plan those tasks during this time slot so that they will be done quicker and with more care.

4. Work for 45 minutes to 1h30 only in one go, after that you will have the tendency to loose care and concentration. Make a break when bored to increase productivity. The first 20 minutes of performing a task are the most important ones to set your mind into it so avoid any distraction during those first 20 minutes.

5. Avoid toxic thoughts. That sounds silly but true! Stay positive and identify the sources of those bad thoughts. These are made by the brain to evacuate stress but its important to rationalize them.

6. Learn how to delegate: YOU CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING (even if you would enjoy to!). Getting them done is better than getting them done PERFECTLY.

7. What if the best to work was have a break? It’s important to keep time for putting your mind off work: Walk, Listen to your favourite music, daydream…do something that makes you happy and motivates you.

8. Generally find a subject or a work you enjoy doing. Those moments generate positive emotions and by doing so you will increase your productivity and creativity, it also helps you make a better analysis of situations.

That goes without saying but the best way to be productive during the day is to sleep following the rhythm that suits you best, eating healthy food and exercise to get your endorphins going and be at the best of your abilities!

Let’s see if I can keep those good habits next year! I’ll try anyway!!!

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